9th Grade

Get a strong start in high school and build a plan to be college eligible.

Focus on Academics

  • Meet with your school counselor and map out a 4-year plan for finishing your “a-g” college prep classes. These are needed to apply to CSU or UC campuses.
  • Explore possible careers using an online “career interest survey” tool. Research the type of education you need for various careers.
  • Keep a growth mindset. With effort, you can get smarter and build new skills.

Plan Ahead

Do Something Extra

  • Keep a running list of accomplishments, honors, awards, and recognition for your resume and college/scholarship applications.
  • Explore your options by getting involved with extracurricular or leadership activities at school.
  • Find new interests by volunteering for school or community service projects.
  • Attend college prep events and information sessions.