8th Grade

Aim High

  • Think about what your future could be with a college education 
  • Do your best in school and on standardized tests.
    If you are having difficulty, don’t give up—get help from a teacher, tutor, or mentor.
  • Strive to get A’s and B’s in all Grade 8 classes.

Explore & Plan

  • Ask your counselor about challenging and interesting courses you can take in high school to prepare for college, plan to take all the a-g classes in high school.
    Find out more informaition on our "a-g" requirements page or visit the CSU's requirements page.
  • College as an important part of your future. Discuss your thoughts and ideas with your family and with people at school.
  • Ask your parent or guardian to help you research which high schools or special programs will most benefit your interests.

Study Smart

  • Focus extra time on your math and English classes
  • Set aside time in a quiet place every day for school work - do homework, study for tests, and do extra work if you have time.

Connect & Talk

  • Become involved in school- or community-based activities that let you explore your interests and learn new things.
  • Talk with teachers, school counselors, librarians, relatives, or family friends, who have interesting jobs. You could ask them what they like about their job and what kind of education they needed.
  • Explore your Career Options
  • Check out this guide for more details on what to do in the 8th grade
    A Workbook for Middle and Junior High School Students